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3 Exclusive Viewing Packages in Monaco Grand Prix

Posted by on Mar 11, 2015 in Monaco | Comments Off on 3 Exclusive Viewing Packages in Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco GP redefines glamor, prestige and splendor all fused in one. But that’s not all; there is a lot of incredible racing action to enjoy from free practice, qualifying and finally race Sunday. Well, you can only have fun depending on the ticket you buy as it determines your viewing point.

While just being in Monaco is enough fun, you can take this a notch higher by choosing among exclusive ticket packages. This means you will get to enjoy the most this city has to offer as you view the racing action. You will have indelible memories of your stay in the city once you choose these idyllic packages.

There are myriad exclusive 2015 Monaco GP ticket packages to choose from, but the most notable will include these viewing positions and extras:

monaco paddock club

1.       Formula One Paddock Club

This is renowned as the world’s most prestigious ticket, and for Monaco, this will get you rewarded with the most splendid viewing point at Grandstand where you will have an overview of the Piscine section and La Rascasse corner. What’s more, you enjoy an unparalleled view of the pit lane where you will observe strategies developing.

A Paddock club package also gives access to the magnificent Yacht Club de Monaco. This is considered the essence of good living during Monaco GP with exquisite hospitality including pit lane walks, open bar, champagne, interaction with F1 stars and the teams and so much more. It is simply a world class package.

Monaco terrace

2.       VIP Terrace Packages

If you really want to enjoy race action on the track and still get treated like royalty, a Monaco GP terrace ticket is what you need. There are several vantage viewing positions on a hotel balcony. You get to sample pre-race excitement as you are very close to the action.

What’s more, the luxurious setting away from the hustle and bustle of the city helps you relax, especially in the company of fellow F1 enthusiasts. Hospitality on the terraces is world class with outstanding gourmet food, perfect desserts and exquisitely selected dishes from Europe and beyond.

The personalized service, where you get a personal hostess, makes the setting just perfect and you can bet you will be coming back to Monaco for more during F1 action. The circuit view is 5-star and if you really love racing then you will have your fill.


3.       Yacht Club Package

This is the quintessence of elegance and luxury and you not only get pampered like royalty, but also enjoy great viewing close to racing cars. It is a great way to unwind in Monaco and still get a full dose of the thrill and race excitement.

Well, if you want to juice the most out of Monaco then get one of these exclusive hospitality packages to create indelible memories.

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6 Reasons To Follow Formula One

Posted by on Mar 6, 2015 in Drivers, High Speed Dubbin, Teams, Tracks | Comments Off on 6 Reasons To Follow Formula One

1. Techniques and strategies. The “FORMULA” in Formula One implies the jumbled, confounding set of tenets that change consistently and with which every group must go along as they drive. The season comprises of a progression of (this current year) 19 scored races that are hung on tracks and streets as far and wide as possible. Every race is scored with a focuses framework keeping in mind the end goal to focus two yearly World Championship titles, one for the drives and one for the carmakers. The focuses work like this: the main 10 autos procure focuses, with the victor procuring 25 focuses every race. Toward the end of the season the aggregate number of focuses won at every race is included and the driver and constructor with the most focuses are World Champions. Meanwhile, a driver can switch groups amid the season and keep all focuses picked up at the past group. Furthermore you can at present gain points if you don’t complete a race, the length of you’re for the most part complete. Beside the greater part of that, different qualifying rounds for position and time impact how people approach a given race; changing how forcefully they may drive right away, who they single out to test, and where they at last fall in the last laps.

car0012. Style. By style I mean fashion style and additionally individual driving style. This to me is a standout amongst the most fun parts of Formula 1: Each driver has an in number identity that is reflected by the way he drives. It is similar to tennis geniuses or cyclists. The Mexican S. Perez is known for his exposed animosity. Briton L. Hamilton is viewed as a somewhat of an unstable presence. Aussie M. Webber is the accomplished, more normal one. Frenchman A. Prost was known as an awesome strategist; the German M. Schumacher was something of a dance specialist in the way he did turns. Choose your most loved driver and his style, and you have got somebody to establish for in every race.

3. International appeal of the crowd. In Monaco amid race weekend there can be heard French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic, English, Japanese and any number of Eastern European lingos. The capacity to invest time in such close closeness with others from abroad is important to anyone who needs to better comprehend the world.

huntandthe70susz76vcbj7ll4. Young male drivers. The vast majority of the drivers are between the ages of 22 and 32 – a driver for the most part resigns from focused F1 hustling before the age of 40. They are fit, marginally inherent general and type A identities. Provided that is your thing, this is a home run.

5. International compass of urban communities. Not long from now the driving schedule incorporates Australia, Malaysia, China, Bahrain, Spain, Canada, Germany, India, Japan, Brazil and the US. Every track mirrors the kind of its area.

6. See what’s to come. Formula One autos weigh around 1400 pounds all in and hit paces of 220 mph. They as of now are controlled to have a 2.4-liter V8 motor that revs no higher than 18000 rpm. Groups like Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren burn through millions on creating them, and their viewpoints structure the forefronts of advancement. Need to know what innovation your day by day driver may have in a couple of years? Watch F1 to figure out.

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